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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Museum, exhibit, collection or packrat, Phanna Nikhom, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

I met khun Wattana at Wat Tham Chao Khu Khao a few weeks ago and was told about and invited to his "museum" and finally managed to catch up with him after visiting the Monastery the other morning. The photo video only shows the landscape shots I took of his extensive collections at 2 locations in the town of Phanna Nikhom.
The first a building, on the west side of town as you exit the highway, is comprised of rooms packed with amulets and other  mementos of the forest monks. Ajahns Sao, Mun, maha Boowa, Waen and Fan are prominent and there are 100s of statues, pictures, reproductions of their heads and bodies packed into the space. After nearly an hour Mr. Wattana said let's go see the rest and we drove a few hundred meters out of town to the compound.. There are about 4 buildings in the compound filled with everything from 100s of Chinese bicycles to a tiger skin. The skin set up in a full sized old style classroom. More statues and  carvings, baskets and pottery, old time irons and oil lamps. These collection are held bye a number of individuals throughout the region and I would not want to try to figure their value either monetarily or culturally. I put this video together using Picasa. Add the music of your choice.