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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arahants and Relics Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

You can get information about monks and their relelics anywhere on the web, so I am not going to get into what constitutes a relic, how relicls come to be or even if I believe in relics. The authenticity and location of the relics of monks deemed Arahants in muched followed here in Isaan. While at Wat Pa Klang Non Phu and the Ajahn Mun Exhibit there I happened upon a book I found quite interesting in that it listed the monks, many I had not heard about, showed their relics and often pictures and infor mation about their shrines and locations. So the plan is after Mothers day, hopefully by the end of August, when back there, amongst other things translate and find many of these locations and map and photograph them so people might visit. Here are a few.