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Saturday, August 18, 2012

18.08.12 Wat Pa Klang Non Phu, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, Dana Sila, Buddhism,

I have decided for now that Wat Pa Klang Non Phu is our, for lack of a better word" parish". So yesterday I went off to Makro to buy supplies for the kitchen. A huge squash, carrots, cooking oil, pickled mustard greens and heart of bamboo, along with 30 chicken eggs topped the list along with the small quarts of yogurt milk that we offered for the meal. This being the morning after what Thais call "Wan Phra", in this case the day following the new moon night, the local folks, a dozen or so, had sat all night.
We got to the monastery shortly before 0600 and Daeng helped the women in the kitchen while I went to the sala to torture my legs (aka meditate). About 45 minutes later the monks returned from alms round and food was being carried from the kitchen to the sala. As before we all offer sticky rice into the monks bowls, before they are returned to them when they re-enter the sala. Food is then offered and the monks after the reflection on Dana began their meal while we chant. As I previously explained at this monastery after we complete the chanting regimen we go to eat whetehr the monks have finished or not. Today being the morning aafter the uposatha day we took our meal in the sala, once again men and women at separate stations. Some folks looking for another wat showed up after the meal had started, were invited to join us, but left in embarrassment.
Little has changed here is the time of Ajahn Mun in some ways. Of course electricity and a road seem quite major, but in reality life is much the same as more than 60 years ago.Also incuded in the album is a stroll around the monastery. If you view it in Picasa albums you will get some idea of the layout of the monastery.