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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, mukdahan, Thailand

Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, Mukdahan, Thailand is one of those places rarely encountered in following the history of Forest Buddhism in Northeast Thailand. Here is a cave complex where Ajahn Sao, Ajahn Mun, Luangta maha boowa, who at the time was just plain old maha boowa bhikku meditated. There might be conflicting stories as far as the history of the place, but there is no doubt that this was and still is a place, like so many here in the mountains to meditate. The remains of the sala under the overhang are still elegant in their simplicity. To have a couple hours to talk with one of the bhikkus there about dhamma and meditation is impossible to explain. To witness and take part in Buddhism in Thailand, wher now it is so rare is a gift available to all, but enjoyed by so few. Appreciation for those Kammathana Dhutanga Bhikkhus who left this legacy is beyond words. And all I can offer is some views of this remarkable place.