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Monday, July 16, 2012

Vietnamese Cemetery Sakon Nakhon Thailand 16.07.12

Many of the Provincial capitals in Isaan, Northeast Thailand have Chinese and very often Vietnamese Cemeteries.Sundday I went out to the Vietnamese Cemetery and plan on going to the Chinese soon. The Vietnamese cemeteries, for some reason, seen to have a more varied selection of grave designs than the Chinese. As the Vietnamese use roman script it is also easier to read whats going on as far as names and dates are concerned.I understand that the place is filling and prices of sites skyrocketing, so more and more Vietnamese are choosing cremation. Nearby is a stable and that I will be calloing soon and just down the road is a pay to fish pond. It is definitely worth a stop if you are interested in the Vietnamese in the region and their impact. You can see the location in my sakon Nakhon Map or in the Picasa Web Album