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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Temples listed by the Khon Khan University Department of Culture and Art Sakon Nakhon

are located right in town and can be located on my Sakon Nakhon Province Map. While Wat Si Sa Khet is pretty much deserted Wat Saphan Kham has even restored the old ubosot since the KKU visit.
At Wat SiSaKhet the places was locked down and by the look of the dead rat no one has been maintaining the place for awhile. It looks like they do build a float here for the Wax Castle Festival at the close of the Pansaa,
Wat Saphan Kham is a well amintained Wat that was getting ready for a funeral, but the Chao a Wat still took the time to open the 100 year old Ubosoy for me.
I will be visiting the other listed temples in the region as time permits as well as many of the Forest Wats in the area