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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tourism Authority of Thailand and 3 Million Baht Well? Spent

Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement gave me a heads up about the new Tourism Authority of Thailand 3 million Baht Apllication, "Lifestyle Thailand", which I immediatly downloaded. No wonder they need the budget they do, this application has basically no information and is wirth at best about 10,000 baht, if that.

It has 8 categories of "Lifestyles", but 1st I could authorize the app to use my twitter or facebook account, fat chance.
The categories are Chic,Thaiiness, Wellness, Romantic, Adventure, Easy"n Slow, Breezy and Family.
For each category they list Accomodations, Restaurants, Things to Do and Attractions.

 It appears that according to Tourism Authority of Thailand there are 2 Family things to do in Thailand, Splash Jungle Water Park and Siam Ocean World and and do not miss more things to do at i a real cultural site to take the Family to visit..
Most of the Categories have less than 4 things to do and most of it appears to be paid for by advertisers as above. Also there is nothing to do in more than 80% of the landmass of the Kingdom and 0% in Northeast Thailand. No wonder Toyota is expecting a banner year in Thailand, with 3 million Baht giveaways like this all you need is 1 contract from Tourism Authority of Thailand minus the proper kickback and the model of your choice is in your driveway.

Coming up the good news is they got many of the mistakes out of the "Amazing Thailand" app...