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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thai Watsadu (ไทวัสดุอุบล) Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

The new "home supply, consrtuction supply, DIY entry into the market seemed to have all popped up at once throughout northeast Thailand, a search through Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies doesn't help much as far as getting information about the company. It dows seem that Thai Watsadu, Global House and the others all planned on getting rich off of home rehab following last years floods.
The 5,000 Baht many people got went to buying food and paying bills and not to new Jacuzzis. As far as I have seen Thai Watsadu (TWS)and Global House (GH) are the major players in the game as far as range of products from basic to high end.
Anyhow on Sunday the 24th of June I ventured into both to take a look around in Sakon Nakhon. Both places sat relatively empty for a Sunday.  TWS is huge and not fully stocked yet, although it is fully staffed, If one more person would have waied and "Sawadee Khapped" me I would have choked them. I think they have staff to dust off the staff that have not a thing to do all day. Looking at prices some thing were quite comptitive others not so. The big sales will bring people in to the properties, but I don't see how they can sustain them. TWS's huge hager like properties are not airconditioned while GH is. so the Thais seem to like GH better.
At the end of the day the choice is yours and their is no shortage of choice in this market in the Isaan area. Here is the video I shot at TWS before getting nicked for this breach of security.