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Friday, July 27, 2012

Saphan Khom, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand,a Khmer Bridge

Saphan Khom jus a couple hundred meters in front of the City Gate of  Sakon Nakhon, in the Island formed by Nittayo Road Number 22, from the west into town. the Tourism Authority of Thailand says "It is considered as an ancient bridge to link Sakon Nakhon and the countryside as this area was once a swamp. The present bridge is make from laterite,replacing the old one that was removed for road construction".
I have no idea where the original bridge was sent, nor what it looks like. There is a nearbby creek which a bridge like the one here could surely have crossed. I do not see what good a bridge like this would do in the middle of a swamp. Considering the state of the bridge it must not be under the purview of the Department of Eine Fart (aka Fine Arts) as it apprears in good repair.
Also I could not find out if the petrified tree at the site is real or imported from somewhere else. Is it in fact really petrified or is it just frightened.