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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sakon Nakhon, Post Office, Thailand, my 1st visit

Walked in for the first time to see a fully staffed facility, with about 40 people waiting to be served. Now I did say fully staffed, as there were bunches of government workers on hand, but only 1 window of 4 opened. This seems to be a standard operating procedure in government offices to include phone company, electric, water and any even banks here in Isaan.
Now as far as I can find out the standard wait in many western countries is about 15 minutes. otherwise citizens go ballistic. We are here to serve you is not a food statement is the west.

Here in Thailand that government clerk has a higher social status than the lowly citizens and the concept of "public service" is not normal.
I walked in the door, went to the dooh-dah and got my number, saw I had 28 good folks to wait and sat down. For about 10 minutes of my 45 minute wait 2 windows were in operation, for 35, 1 was open.
The folks I really felt bad for were the older, poor people at the edge of literacy, who did now know enough to get a number and in some cases got to wait well over an hour. In Kalasin and Khon Kaen often have an officer standing at the machine and helping people when they enter. Not so 
Sakon Nakhon that day.
For many office workers this system simply provides an extra hour off which they sit down and sleep from.
Another trick, it seems especially women pull, is to partner up wih someone that got there earlier, just as the two women you see in the album did.
Someone should make shirts that say "I pay for your to work", but, government workers wouldn'i care, they are on the gravy train.
PS this is not trie of all, but most, Government Workers