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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mae Chee Kaew Memorial and more about Ajahn Sao, Mun and Maha bua

Having made an early stop at the Mae Chee Kaew Memorial and finding the gates locked we made a short stop at Wat Pa Wiwek Watthanaram, where Luang Por Jaam is in residence. The carpark was full of Bangkok and other downcountry land yachts, so we continued a short distance down the road to trt to get more local information from Wat Tham Nok Aen, wher Ajahn Maha Boowa spent a few years befor moving on to Ban Taad in Udon. About 10 families welcomes us and provided infor mation about Wat Nong Nong, wher Ajahn Mun spent a number of Pansaa and a bit more help about caves. At Wat Nong Nong we also got more information about Tham Champa, now Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawas near, or not to Nong Sung, where Sau, Mun and Maha Boowa were all said to have meditated. After a very nice visit at the Wat as you can see in the above link we moved on to the Mae Chee kaew Monument, by way of the traing center next door. The Memorial was tasefully done and a fitting memorial to the teaching and the woman.. If you save the album and enlarge the photos of the write ups. Yet another cave made it's way into the search "Nok Kaba" and the one from the book about Mae Chee Kaew, "Ban Klang Cave" were added to Tham Champa in the cave quest department, perhaps they were all the same cave with different names....
But for now here is a look around The Mae Chee Memorial.