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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the Games Begin, not that they ever stopped in Thailand

And in a way it is the National Sport; it is the finger pointing, the blame game and the ball in question is flood prevention and mitigation. I have asked since last years flood how can they assess anyhting without accurate raw data. How many rain sensors are there? Are they accurate? Are there a sufficient number? Are they in necessary locations. Water or flow measurement, is it accurate?. Without data answers have been arrived at and millions already spent.
And who are the engineers and eenginering companies doing these studies and designs?
We know the quality of the culprits, by a simple look at the ONET scores.
Out of full scores of 100, the average score for Thai language was down from 42.61 to 41.88; ; science from 30.90 to 27.90. Meanwhile, the average score for occupation and technology was up from 43.69 to 48.72  and mathematics from 14.99 to 22.73.
Wow mathematics up to almost 23%. A fine pool to work with.
And today Experts slam flood schemes "Govt lacks 'know-how, criteria set too high"
Amongst other thing the Government has set the criteria too high for Thai firms to particiapte. You have got to be kidding me. And in another article linked to the attached we see see the quality of work Thai firms can acheive in "Bang Rakam model blamed for flood" and how it is helping the farmers.
Until Data and Statistics moves out of the Fiction section of libraries Thailand will simply respond to nature without the aid of technology.

Oh and let's not forgetthat Thai skill that overcomes education, technology and any other and that is Graft 'plagues' water schemes so that even if a project might actually work it is condemned by the government officials who need their new Toyotas.