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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heath Care and Hospitals in Northeast Thailand

I keep reading about road accidents, diseases at epidemic levels and that "10% of Thais 15-59 chronically ill" and it made me think back to the time I spent looking after someone a few month back.
If a Thai has no insurance, and most do not, a hospital stay is a family affair. If a person want food and or needs help looking after themselves they need someone, not staff to assist.
And as far as preventative care in Northeast Thailand, there is none that I can discover. When I learned of the numbers of people with kidney and liver diseases, much of it due to eating habits, I asked if health care officials went into the villages to educate people. My answer was laughter.
Although there are dedicated healthcare officials in Thailand the workload provides little oppurtunity to be effective.
Here is a look at the Sakon Nakhon Provincial Hospital to give you an idea of the state of healthcare in Northeast Thailand, Isaan.