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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bkikkhu Ordination Buddhist Style, Northeast Thailand, Asalha Puja

Most Forest Wats (Dhutanga Khammathana) will fully ordain Samana on Asalha puja the day before Khao Pansaa, the Rains Retreat. If you do a search for monks ordination Thailand genearraly village ordinations are what appear, giving a rather shallow view of Upasampada.
A adult male will usually enter the wat as a samana, and after a year or two or more study will request full ordination. On occasion at some temples the person will begin as a pakhow (white robed the on to samana.
As you can see in the album there is no partying, drinking at the temple or the like. Most new bhikkhus pledge to stay with their teachers for 5 years and likewise the teacher is responsible for the training of the monk.
Most Forset temples in the lineage of Ajahn Mun do not normally do "short time" ordinations. They are normally done in city wats. In some cases such as General Surayad, who was Prime Minister for a time and who has known a senior forest monk for some time an exception will be made and he stayed with Luang Por Thuay for a Pansaa and was known as Luang Por Et.
Anyhow here is a look at the Bhikkhu Ordination That took Place in Ajahn Tongjuans's Temple in Amnat Charoen a few years back