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Sunday, July 22, 2012

22.07.12 Wat Laktikwan, วัดลัฎฐิกวัน, Mukdahan Revisited

Back in February Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement and I were on a roadtrip looking for some of the temples mentioned by the Khon Kaen University Department of Culture and Art and Wat Laktikwan was one that we surveyed. On return and sorting through information I noticed that we might have missed a few things so I returned and did find what we missed, which mafe me even more sad. The amount of deterioration in less that 6 moths is truly saddening. Any other place in the world this and many other sites in Isaan would be given museum status and maintained in an appropriate manner. Thai Buddhists see these sites as old and care more about tearing them down to make room for another pseudo opulent piece of architectural eyesore.  Just what the Buddhist world needs another meaningless That. Anyhow here is a roundup of what I saw today, being assaulted daily by the elements, instead of protected and documented.