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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

World Blood Donor Day Thai Style

I really like the World Health Organization (WHO) concept in World Blood Donor Day, June 14 2012, and the idea that a blood donor is a hero.
When I passed the event near the Kosa Hotel on Monday they had the music playing and dignitaries bloviating and I saw the sign the said "World Blood Donor Day" so went home and did a google search to discover the date and that it is a WHO event.
Yesterday I went back with a bit more knowledge and a few questions.
Why is there no mention of the WHO?
Where is the WHO blood donor as a hero paraphenalia?
What and where will the big event be on the 14th?

Duh! was the answer I got to my questions and back again today to see if any progress into the event can be made.
Stay tuned to the next episode of World Blood Donor Day Thai Style and here is my initial post with music