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Thursday, June 14, 2012

World Blood Donor Day more research 14.06.12 0837h

??is this and what does he have to do with blood donor day
I sent out emails to a number of people I know in other towns and cities in Isaan and here are the responses. From Korat, The Thai Red Cross, via Ministry of Health, etc., held a press conference organizing the event on 10 June . Thai language coverage does not mention date. But with the search option, punching in 14 gets to several links, including  actually shows the date. the WHO at  shows today, 14 June as the day. Wiki puts it on 14 June. English language media coverage in Thailand has been pretty dismal, I believe. You seem to be concerned about WHO and its visibe invisibility. Welcome to Thailand?
Also this email to the Thai Red Cross "Greetings from Korat. We notice that there is very little or nothing mentioned of the WHO in today's event. Although this day is sponsored by WHO.  Can Thai Red Cross please explain why WHO coverage (credit) deems to be minimized?
Thank you.
I am tweeting requests for info so will Post again during the day
From Ubon "I had never heard of the day until I received your email..."
From Sakon Nakhon "see nothing so far"
"Haven't seen anything yet Tom but haven't really checked out news " from Melbourne Australia
From Malaysia "n M'sia: yes. But nothing frm Siam."
"No Tom, have nevr seen any mention of it." from Bangkok