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Friday, June 29, 2012

Where not to Stay in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand an Opinion 29.06.12

We were going to a wedding reception at the M.J. Hotel in town an decided to stay there so that I could have a few drinks and relax, as I do not drink and drive.
I had not stayed at the place in a couple years, but over the tears I have found the place overpriced and generally poor value for money I hoped for a change.
Nice try for 1,000 Baht allI got was aggravation as described in the attached video.
Staff not in the least bit helpful, poor planning as far as lift use and useless internet connection were what I experienced. I must admit the I did manage to get an at least usable connection at 0300h I still had to sigtn in every few minutes. The staff at no time provided any assistance, using the old Thai excuse that I did not know what I was doing
I have stayed in 100s, many 100s of hotels, resorts and apartments throughout the region and am aware of the tricks of signing in and internet usage throughout the region and am well aware when the propery is simply making excuses.
There are many places to stay in Sakon Nakhon and many I would recommend, but certainly not the M.J. Hotel for value for money.