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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Would the Buddha Do? Sakon Nakhon, Thailand 28.06.12

Just as I was getting all caught up in the latest rounds on useless Thai conventional, seasonal, annual events the place it all belonged hit me smack between the eyes. I was getting on that little wheel that rodents like so much and running my ass off to nowhere. Here it was not even a couple weeks past the Birthday celebration for Ajahn Chah, an event I rather skimmed over this year due to all of the important shit I've been caught up in did I stop, and jump off the wheel for a moment.
For some reason this morning the talk Luangta Maha Boowa gave some years ago about gratitude and the gratitude he felt toward Ajahn Mun came to mind. During his talk tears came to him, tears of gratitude. Well the Thai press and people were quite "pissed off" about this and much was made of it in the press in Thailand. Sort of an Arahants don't cry debate.
 This morning  was time for me to look back on Ajahn Chah and his teaching. I had the good fortune to be in Ajahn Chah's wats in England and Thailand for a number of years, and as might be said, know better than to get caught up in all the idiocy around me, even get attached to it,
So I cracked open YouTube and started skimming Dhamma talks when I came upon two given by Ajahn Nyannadhammo about Ajahn Chah, Part1 and Part2, which you can listen to at the links.
It doesn't take long to remember how Luang Por had the habit of being able to hit the nail on the head. The story of he and another monk moving a heavy branch is one I have heard many times and stupidly forget with great regularity. Then there is Thaaw-rah-man, the first ever Thai word I learned. Hearing the recollection of Ajahn Chah and the word (about 15;15 of part 2) I managed once again let go of all the shit I was getting caught up in and quit torturing myself. At the end of the day just what is really important.
Oh by the way if you listen to the talks you will find out the answer to "What would the Buddha Do?
And soon, Just what is it with the damned boot picture?.....