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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wat Pa Sutthawat Sakon Nakhon 12.06.12

This is the Temple the Ajahn Man (Mun) was brought to in anticipation of his death and where he was cremated. Since he died well over 60 years ago it is a wonder that so much was preserved. I do not know when the building was designed, but I think something a bit more in touch with the nature and life of Ajahn might have gone into the design. And I find that the sale of lottery tickets insude the temple wall quite an insult. I guess it has been moved since the wonderful world of copy paste states "opposite the Town Hall, is where the paraphernalia and remains of the highly respected late Phra Achan Man Bhuritatto are kept.." While a few people and institutions take the time to change spelling or a word or two the Tourism Authority of Thailand style is to be found everywhere. Anyone who has visited the Temple or museum knows it is no way opposite the town hall. The Tesaban Office (city Hall) is more than a kilometer away and while the Provincial Center is on the otherside of Thanon Sook Kasem, to say opposite is a stretch.