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Monday, June 11, 2012

There are fish in the Sakon Nakhon Aquarium, Thailand, 11.06.12

I was so happy to find the basket exhibit at the aquarium that I almost forgot to mention the fish. Here is the text everyone who posts this location uses. " This aquarium is at the Sakon Nakhon Fishery Station on Sai Sawang Road. The centre has on display freshwater fish and animal species found in the Northeast." End of story. It is easily found if you use my map, but once in the compound there is no signage in english, as you drive tgrough th gate look to your right the builging alone by the pond is the aquarium. The is english at the building.I would say it is about a 1 hour visit destination. A few of the tanks need a cleaning most are in good nick. Here a look at a few.