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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thailand Youth “All they can do with their hands is use a cellphone,”

Is a quote from a New York Times story that speaks to one of the many events that are crippling the country. Conspicuous and Excessive consumption are 2 of the major gods on the Thai altar and have been sent out throughout the country from Bangkok and can be seen throughout the cities of Isaan. University girls and younger take to prostitution to enable their retail habit. Of course air conditioned Malls are temples where entire families wander aimlessly hoping to find a monk to give them the lottery number that will get them out of poverty and into the church of retail.  From the cradle children are taught to lie. It is so ingrained that from youth people have become able to believe their own lies. The truth is often called "impolite" and people are taught only things that please their betters, Face and the illusion of face more gods that fights the devil, substance 1,000s of times a day. 1000s join the public procession to the temple to be seen in their best whites for Vesakha Puja, but no one stays the night in the sala to truly observe the event. People certainly know more about Thai Soap Opera stars than Buddhism, or their culture,history or studies. 41% literacy was demonstrated on the latest ONET test scores. Students arrive at Universities nearly functionally illiterate. No one fails or is held back. An education system guaranteed to produce morons. Few in Thailand, and those who are educated overseas get an education.
Sure, I am a foreigner living here and my interest in seeing these things as "the way it is" helps me be at peace, not at war against daily life.

Never mind, enough for now