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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thailand Royal Irrigation Dept posting Fast and Furious 23.06.12

"Royal Irrigation Dept assures nationwide flood prevention measures to be in place by Aug" raeds the headline. Which might lead a person to let down their guard and think that Thailand might be safe from flooding this year. Well as we say in Twitter #LMAO #ROFL. The webbing between my toes is already starting to grow back and its not even July yet.
It is good to know that "Royal Irrigation Department Director-General Lertviroj Kowattana said on Friday that all 123 flood prevention projects, initiated under the government’s emergency relief policy in fiscal 2012, are progressing well and will definitely be ready in 2 months’ time. "
But part of the kicker can be found here "Analysts savage flood plan" where we get a bit of insight.
The concept that dykes move the flooding around was proven true in Khon Kaen last year, where a recent levee project project, kept a village from being inundated from one source and moved a higher elevation of water to flood the place from the other side. When you start playing with water and levees it helps to have a prcise knowledge of elevations in the watershed otherwise you simply acerbate the problem.
I have seen no study of floodplains and watersheds that that evaluates drainage options in an well thought out manner. Large scale contracts with plenty of kickbacks are the norm.  Meanwhile people continue to wait for their compensation, while local area flooding has already begun in Isaan...