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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thailand Culture Minister owes Lady Gaga a Public Apology

The Prime Minister keeps talking about Thailands 77 Provinces, while in fact the country only has 76 Provinces.
"The ministry says the act was “not appropriate and hurt the feelings of the Thai people”." Hopefully the Thai people are a bit less uninformed than the Minister.
This is not a rare event in a country where a Thai Pepper was brought from India by the Dutch and the National Religion was founded by what many Thais call a kaek. I have heard Thais who will not fly on an Indian Airline, because "thaey smell bad"
So the other day when walking into Mahathat Kaen Nakhon, which has finally put out signs and "Lao traditional dress" the Pa sinh" skirt for those inappropriately dressed for that site.
Anyhow the girls looked around and were about to walk in and ignore the sisn when I stopped the and asked in Thai if they knew how to rean and pointed out the sign, also making sure that I was heard by a couple women in extremely short shorts, Anyhow the girls as you can see went into a huddle and finally squirmed out, while to 2 in shorts went and hid.
The Minister of Culture, First of all should brush up on Thai and Buddhist Culture. Nex, Make the proper public apology to Miss Ga and Finally quick bothering foreigners and educate out the