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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Floods in Northeast Thailand. Again this year?

Last year I spent a few months on the road, actually in the water, recording what Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies reported as "No flooding in Isaan." Thousands of people along the Pong, Chii, Pao, and Mun Rivers were driven from their homes and crops and livelihoods destroyed. It seems that little has been done to avoid a repeat this year. I have revisited many of the areas and have seen only 1 project along the Chii River undertaken. I have seen nothing in Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies about any works in the area.  

And then a look at "High dam water levels: Flood risk"  the headline back in January showing water levels in 12 reservoirs, and for some reason a third (4) of those mentioned do not feed into Bangkok, but into Isaan Rivers that eventually flow into the Mekhong River. Missing is the Ubolrat Dam and reservoir the source of much of the flooding in Khon Kaen, by way of the Pong River. As you can see the situation was grim at that time and I have seen nor heard reports changing the situation.
It looks like the rains have arrived and tropical storms are starting to come in from the east so as recent posts have already mentioned the stories out of Isaan and the rest of Thailand will soon be coming Fast and Furious.

A big cause of local area flooding that is ignored is the uncontrolled and seemingly unregulated construction taking place all over Isaan, I documented this last year and have already shown it this year., I  plan on showing more of it this year and learning if in fact "the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning" is a totally inactive Department.