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Friday, June 22, 2012

Isaan Live is the place to get the whole picture of Northeast Thailand 22.06.12

If you reading this you are familiar with this blog, the one that seems to get the most action in the world of Isaan Live. But, there is a lot more to the Isaan Live world than this blog and the place to keep up with all things Isaan is at the website, the dasboard of the Isaan Live empire.
From there you can see all the latest posts from all the blogs, from eat isaan to the bog blog. When you click on the entry the intro to the blog can be seen and to view the whole story just click the header under "continued here". From Toms Desk is where I periodically rant , rave or try to update folks about what's going on. And now that Saturday morning podcasts are not automatic you can see when one is posted. Really of use are my Isaan Maps the most correct and up to date maps of the area. The upper right hand corner shows the latest Twitcast and you can sign up for an alert on your PC when I do a  live broadcast. You can also watch live twitcasts from here.
Under you oppurtunity to help keep Isaan Live on the road you can see some of my 100s of "YouTube" videos.
Up above you can browse ebooks and photos and more.
Don't forget to follow me on twitter where I regularly post snippets of what is going on in Isaan.
With the move to Sakon Nakhon coming soon and floods perhaps on the way this is the place to get all the Isaan updates.
So I hope you all subscribe to and I look forward to your input and suggestions Isaan Live        .