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Monday, June 25, 2012

In Thailand, Don't worry about floods, Simply Being Thai Can be Lethal

"10% of Thais 15-59 chronically ill", says the survey and if says that, figure double or triple and the Thais over 59 are not as lucky. And living in a rural area with only a basic education and working in the fields does not increase your odds either. I just cremated a dear friend before Songkran from a liver didease that a doctor told me was epidemic in northeast Thailand. When I asked him if health care workers were educating the people in the villages he laughed.
What government official would want the population to grow, the more people, the more votes that must be bought.

Anyone living in Isaan only has to look at hospital waiting rooms, clinics and any health care facility to realize that this is not a healthy country. I have asked hospital workers, other government officers, teachers and students about the teaching of preventative medicine, good diet and other educational options, and as far as I can discern the only thing that is taught in "No Smoking"."Thailand Population Pyramid" Now here's a graphic that'll cheer you up, if you are old like me. If I should make it to my 65th birthday my life expectancy is 78.2. I f you are born today your life expectancy is 72.9 years. If you should make it to 50 in Thailand you get the bonus.
Okay, so what is killing us off here in Thailand , Lets look at the "Top 20 Causes of Death" in Thailand. Now, remeber these statistics are compiled by the Thai Government. Just an example of Thai Government Statistics. According to reporting for the past 16 years, no one has been reported dead of injuries occuring during the Songkran Holiday after that holiday.
It seems no surprise that Diabetes, Road accidents, HIV/AIDS, liver disease, kidney disease and liver cancer are in the top 10. I do find it somewhat amazing that Thailand is ranked as low as 44th for HIV/AIDS, perhaps a matter of reporting as a higher ranking could tarnish Thailand's Image, as reported in Khon Kaen Retirement. This and my flooding posts are meant to point out the lengths the Thai Government will go to ensure that Thais and especially Isan people are kept generally illiterate, uneducated and not too healthy.