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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Don’t put your Buddha statue in the toilet. Amazing Thailand and Buddhism

I was going to wait till next month before posting about this organization, but so much for patience, I will of course address the group and subject with the dignity and seriousness that it deserves. I first heard about the group in a Richard Barrow post and went on to their website. Talk about Thais being xenophobic, this group must have some wonderful herbal meds. Knowing Buddha is obviously talking about another Buddha than I have followed for the past 40 years. Thailand a land of Narcissists that believe form is more important than function and build and worship huge statues of a guy, not a god, who realized an escape from suffering, to a great extent through MODERATION, a word of little use in Thailand. Thais have a saying "If you see a kaek (Indian) and a snake at the same time kill the kaek first". And the nationality of the good Mr. Gotama?
Anyhow back to what will be the first of many looks into this organisation are 2 of the "Don'ts", The first already mentioned in the title the second don't is "Don’t place Buddha statues in bars or restaurants." Every bar and restaurant in Thailand has a Buddha image in it. Just where are these people from and what is their agenda. Okay I can understand not putting a Buddha image in a toilet, it'll plug the thing. But, in the room is certainly a place for a Buddha image, where better to meditate on impermanence. Yesterday's delicious meal is now moving on. First it was That delicious meal, then it was "ME" and now ....
Buddha is dead, he was just a person, get a grip and learn the teaching..