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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dog Days in Northeast Thailand

I caused a bit of a stir when I recently commented on what many see as a demise of the Thai culture and Buddhism. Obviously according to a few after more than 30 yearswith Thais and more than 16 in Northeast Thailand I know very little. So this post should do a whole lot more stirring.
I do respect people who choose to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle for whatever reasons. But, it is your choice not mine so please do not bore me with your various health problems and complaints. Get some protein in you.  And there is no need to preach at or to me as I and Buddhist so have no religion.
But, now to the purpose of the post; "The status of dogs in Thailand."The photo above shows dog jerky (sundried dog meat) for sale in Sakon Nakhon Thailand for 200 Baht a kilogram.
The authorities in the provinces along the Mekhong River know well the donations they can collect when busting a truckful of unwanted dogs en-route to points east. a few 100 dogs in nick can raise more money than a few 1,000 isaan flood victims. All over Isaan I see deserted dogs eeking out some form of life in urban areas, running in packs and from time to time biting or attacking people. Yes I agree any person abandoning or mistreating  a pet should be fined or punished.Yes, I am aware that people keep dogs as pets, almost family members. I do not believe in dogs as 4 legged children, although they are often better behaved the the 2 legged variety. Tiny dogs poncing on the restaurant table while the family hands it tidbits and talks baby talk to it is idiotic, as far as I am concerned. Yes I have had dogs as pets. Here in Thailand Pogue Mahone an Alsation Doberman mix was a fine companion and  taught all the Isaan folk how to say "kiss my ass" in Irish. Yep, I had a good cry when he died. I have also had chickens and even a pig as a pet. Pets of any species should be treated as just that and looked after and cared for, The others should be allowed to live in peace, be slaughtered efficiently and used as food---dogs included,
I had not seen dog sausage before, not sure of price