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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do not treat Buddha as merchandise, Buddhism in Thailand 30.16.12

Our good friends at Knowing Buddha may be having their big march in Bangkok, but I am still having a problem with their intent.
In my opinion I think  this group would be better served to press to get gambling out of the confines of Buddhist temples, eliminate parties and drinking from inside Buddhist temple walls, using flowers, gold and incense should be eliminated and striving for Dhamma encouraged. But these folks seem to need to hear their empty noise. buddhaRus (Buddhas Are Us) like toysRus in the west are in business to sell as many of these things to anyone with the money to buy one. I guess like Ajahn Chah one might ask "What would the Buddha say? about  all these huge buildings, statues, lottery sellers, bird cage operators and parties going on in the Buddhist temples of Thailand.
I want to see these people put some meat behind their words and get rid of buddha supermarkets, close down every restaurant and bar that has buddha images. Since they are so caught up in knowing some guy maybe they just take a moment and ask themselves "What would the Buddha do?