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Friday, May 18, 2012

TRUE 3G promotions and more in northeast Thailand

I received a couple of SMS messages from TRUE that caused some confusion, and since I was in Udon and had not visited that office yet I strolled in. I feel bad for the staff at TRUE because the company runs more promotions and plans than any employee could ever figure out. Every time I go into a TRUE office it is full of people with billing, promotion and after sales problems. People are buying IPhones and promotions without a clue on how to use the thing. Of course IPhone will never put a technician in a TRUE or any other retail outlet, which is the only solution. TRUE needs to cut down on promotions and provide clear concise plans and promotions. Even when calling the service help number the staff is unable to come up with complete, clear, useful answers.
I cannot blame untrained, confused staff and try to remain calm and work with them to come up with useful complete answers.
The average Thai I am told is simply back and forth never learning how to use and benefit from their purchases.
Here are a few views of my vist in Udon.