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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thaibuddhism not even close to the real thing in Thailand

This scene was shot at 0830 in Khon Kaen, Now I think even the Bangkok post has written an article explaining to tourists that monks do not go on almsround after 0800. The loudspeaker on the truck is barking about Vesakha Puja, pindabhat (almsround) and giving. I know they did not all ordain this morning, so why are their heads shaved 2 days early. And on pindabhat a monk should be quiet, attentive and reflective not eyes jumping around all over the place like this bunch of monkeys. Outside the precints of the temple a real monk will always have both shoulders covered, as well.It is a real shame, but remember in Thailand Buddhism is big business and business is good.