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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sakon Nakhon Views and Opinions 13.05.12 Thailand

The end of April and earlier this month I spent a few days in Sakon Nakhon, in Northeast Thailand. I have visited the city and the Province over the years, though this was the first time I stayed for more than a couple days. Both Tesco and Big C seem undersized for a city of that size and the Big C does not even have a hardware section. The food courts at both places are clean and serve good value food. Both seemed to stay busy throughout the day. Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Park where I exercised a number of mornings and evening is clean, well maintained and has plenty of facilities. I never saw a westerner in the park the entire time I was there. As a matter of fact I only saw ;ess than a handful of westerners, period, mostly at Tesco and Big C. Food was no problem. I at at at least a dozen restaurants, daytime and evening. Good Isaan food was not in short suplly and there were a few places for the evening twitcast as well.. If you are going to be in Sakon Nakhon you will need some Thai as English is not widely spoken. Also I would advise staying at one of the many apartments, as I think the hotels in town are a bit pricey. Also if you aare planning a trip to Sakon take a look at Hans' Sakon Nakhon Live. And here's a look around Bic C