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Monday, May 21, 2012

Prasat Sikhoraphum, falling or not, in Surin Northeast Thailand

Prasat Sikhoraphum a Khmer edifice was recently mentioned by NNT The National News Bureau of Thailand on 20 May 2012. Since he knew I was heading toward the area and am interested in such things Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement fame sent me the story.
Once again the story does not seem to fit the facts, and ignores all sorts of things. If the Department of Eine Fart or Fine Arts is interested in Khmer sites they had best learn a bit about them and damage done to many of them.
NNT says "
The 17th-century, Khmer architectural-style complex earlier went through a face-lift". The Prasat was more than likely completed in the 1100s and as you can read in almost English "...15th-16th century the tops of some of the towers and altered and became Buddhist temples." Or in Modern terms they desecrated these Hindu sites of historical significance. At present I am unable to upload video, as all connections are slow, but as soon as I get back to Khon Kaen will show you what I found. In the video you will see the ( "However, experts commented that the modern-era bricks may not be strong as much as ancient bricks") modern bricks. Also I have video showing other examples of vandalism in the name of Buddhism, and more poor restoration. And don't forget these are the people restoring the sites in Ayuttya after the floods