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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prang Ku Suan Taeng Khmer site, Buriram, Northeast,Thailand

Ku Suan Taeng is suppose to date back to the 12th century as the lintels show the same artistic designs as those found in the Angkor Wat-style. It is made up 3 brick prangs resting on the same laterite base. The prangs lie from north to south, while the front door faces east and the doors on the other three sides are false. The prang in the middle is the largest. It has a square shape and a front porch. The pediments, which are present above the three false doors, are projecting out and each one is supported by a sandstone slab. The other two prangs are considerably smaller and are resting on a square-shaped base. The lintels have been removed and stored elsewhere.