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Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Pot in Sakon Nakhon Thailand 09.05.12

Pottery used to be made throughout Northeast Thailand, but deforestation has brought the number of villages involved in the art down to a fraction of that.I have documented pottery operations in Nong Khai, Mahasarakham, Sakon Nakhon before, this is a visit to the village of Chiang Kreua about 20 kilometers outside Sakon Nakhon town. I had visited the village a few years ago with friends, Annie and Sandy, who were visiting from America. It was Annie and an academic from the U.S. that got me interested in searching these sites out. When we visited it was a single lane road through the village, while today's dual carriage way completely changes the look of the area and I almost drove right past it. Storefronts which were once a shady ten to fifteen meters from the road are now absolutely roadside. If you missed the live twitcast, you can join the visit here. Once again no problem with the TRUE 3G signal.