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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ku Ka Sing (กู่กาสิง), Khmer site, Roi-Et, Thailand, 21.05.12

when coming from Suwannaphum, make sure to follow the signs, as there are no bridges over the river north of the site. The other thing is you can go to Ku Kona without returning from to the highway. Use my google map. " It is another huge temple with Khmer-style architecture, comprising three prangs on the same laterite base, and rectangular library buildings in front. All of them are surrounded by a wall, with entrance pavilions known as Gopura at the four directions. Outside is a U-shaped moat surrounding the wall." This write up appears everywhere and at best is misleading. As you ban see in the video, at best it is bigger than some and smaller than many. Also there is no moat. This error appears quite often in Tourism Authority of Thailand write ups. See the rel thing live here.