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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dinosaurs in Sahatsakhan, Kalasin, Thailand

Both Kalasin and Phu Wiang sport dinosaur museums, Kalasin's in Sahatsakhan the newer. Last time I was there the museum in Phu Wiang was getting a facelift and I think the body count had reached more than 100 as far as those who got sick from the fumes. Thanks for that Tourism Authority of Thailand. This visit to the Dinosauria was on a Sunday, a hot one as well, so the place was packed.. Part of my visit was to test TRUE 3G in the area and after a couple start-up glitches the signal was strong and continuous through the area. Back in the U.S., 17 years ago, I spent over a year under the tutelage of a retired director of exhibits at the Smithsonian Institute. I was also part of creating a number of exhibits for a somewhat major NGO in the Washington D.C. area and still have a bit of knowledge about the subject. So in the end I find visits to these kinds of places more work than enjoyment. I do enjoy this museum when I am there by myself , but in a crowd find myself watching the people not the exhibits. Anyhow here is the first evr live twitcast from the Dinosauria in Sahatsakhan, Kalasin, Thailand.