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Monday, April 30, 2012

วัดป่าเลไลย์ Wat Pa Laeh Lai, A mural Ubosot in Amphor Na Dun, Mahasarakham Video Tour

The good folks who wrote "Buddhist Murals of Northeast Thailand" call the temple Wat Pa Rerai. Altough I could find no other reference to a temple of that name I did find Wat Laeh Lae with the similiar spelling in Thai in Ban Dong Bang, along with another muraled temple they mention Wat Potharam. Arriving in the area I also saw a signpost for 2 Khmer Sites, but after an hour of searching was unable to find them. I did find the 2 temples in Ban Dong Bang, properly mapped them. I also discovered where they came up with the spelling they used, as it was spelled that way in the English portion of a plaque in front of the Bot. The plaque also gives the name of the village as Nong Phok, which one of the workers said was the correct name for this hatever the case may be the muraled wats, along with the khmer sites which I have identified, as well as the major sites that Tourism Authority of Thailand lsts makes this parrt of Mahasarakham well worth a visit.