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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wat Ban Yang a mural ubosot in Amphor Barabue, Mahasarakham.Buddhism Thailand

Ok this goes back to the paper that became a book by Pairoj Samosorn of Khon Kaen University and later included in another atrocity titled "Buddhist Murals Of Northeast Thailand by a couple of historians or researchers or something from Khon Kaen University. After wasting 695 Baht on a book, I have, in spite of their attempts at maps found the temples and even more than this bunch of pseudo academics have identified. This video gives the viewer an overview of what is there and in a day or so I will have it posted in the correct location in my Mahasarakham map. There are a number of places of interest in the area and well worth the visit if you have useful directions. I hope you enjoy this video tour of another mural wat site in northeast thailand