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Sunday, April 1, 2012

TRUE 3G testing in Khon Kaen Thailand #Amazingthailand 31,03.12

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy for a few months now with AIS 3G here in Khon Kaen and the results have been spotty to miserable. I went out and bought a TRUEMOVE H 3G+ sim card that I came to find out would not work with my HTC Legend nor the Samsung Galaxy (not S) so as usual mulled for a few days and Saturday came up with my solution, I hope. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Mini, which the folks at TRUE told me would work with their 3G. So I test drove that and all worked fine, with 1 problem! The operating system of the Mini is slower than that of the Galaxy and that was causing problems. While running the test Saturday afternoon Ray (@ozlaos) from Twitter was sending comments and I was watching the fps on the counter and saw things going well I had a "Geezer Geek Moment" and realized I could use the slow Mini as a wifi hotspot and let the faster Galaxy do the work. Tests will continue today through till Songkan and beyond as TRUE seems to have coverage throughout the region. I will be in Mahasarakham Monday and will test there I hope. Anyhow here is a short sample of yesterdays results