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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thai New Year, Songkran 2012 Live Schedule Edition 1

After being given conflicting information by various sources the signs began to go up today.The official days of Songkran at Beung Kaen Nakhon are now posted. No extra "legal" days have been added as some were quick to inform and the time has not changed from previous years.
Officially, for now I will broadcast LIVE at 0800 on the 13th, at the opening Buddhist ceremony. Then each day at 1200h (noon)and 1700h (5PM). I will also try to broadcast during the day at other times.
What I suggest is people go to Isaan Live and subscribe to my twitcasting alert. he alert is unobtrusive and available for most platforms If you are on twitter follow @isaanlife as I post about broadcasts there.
I may begin posting preliminary "stuff" beginning the 11st (I always thought it was the 11th, but have learned via Tourism Authority of Thailand Khon Kaen this is correct. I will tweet asap to pass on info. So you folks around the world can sit back in the comfort of your home, throw a little water on yourself and enjoy thainewyear