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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thai Food Instagram and I just Don't Get it in Northeast Thailand

On twitter for a couple years now I have seen photos labeled "Istagram". It was an app available for Iphones and Apple stuff only. I would look at the photos and think "Oh, whatever". I never really got it. I also sort of believe the a food shot should be left alone.. Anyhow I have a habit of bloviating about a lot of stuff, food in particular. Well it so happened that Instagram has come out in Android and as I am well aware of my artistic skills thought WTF lets try it. I have and I still don't get it. Instagram has its own social networking gig , which I admit I did not take the time to completely sort out, but I am a Twitter person and only retweet to Facebook which I find a bit boring. On facebook someone will post a story about a quadruple murder and 100s will click on like. Whatever.
I started playing with an app called "PicsArt" today and had just shot my chicken. No I am not going anywhere with that. I like it. It's kinda artys fartsy, but I like it. So I have deleted my sorty into the land of Iphone and Foodies and whatever and will play with a real "If you are going to touch the photo just slap the shit out of it". I call it the Andy Warhol\Bugs Bunny school of art. Besides Instagram takes up a whole lotta space. Amen Sadhu and G'day.