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Monday, April 16, 2012

Songkran The Final Evening 15.04.12, more narrative and video

thainewyear went out with a whimper to put an end to a rather lackluster 3 day run.. I would say attendance was down about 50% onlast year. And from what I have heard so far businesses are quite disappointed, especially restaurants. Many more people walking this year than last, but fewer stopping to dance or have a bite to eat. A big seller this year was deep fried mystery meat on a stick, a cheap unhealthy alternative to gai yaang, or fish and somtam. I will continue to survey places I did not get to and see what they have to say over the next week or so. You can also take a look at this post and video to get an idea of what I am talking about. And here is a look at the final evening at Beung Kaen Nakhon Khon Kaen thainewyear