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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sakon Nakhon Birds Extreme Paradise 31.03.12

I arrived mid morning to what looked to be a closed up paradise. There were barriers across the lane where new concrete had been poured some days ago. As all looked dried and cured I pulled them to the side and continued on to the resort a couple 100 meters along. There I saw about 6 staff out sweeping the grounds and I asked where MS. Bird was and got directed out to the airstrip. On the trip around the resort to the hangar I noticed how windy it was out there, so knew there would be no jumping or microlight action that day. I arrived out to find that Bird was not there, but Dag the Norwegian Drop Zone Manager was.While we were chatting Bird rang so I had a chat with her and got back to the updates. Bird's dad is finally putting in the 9 hole golf course which was going to be one of the final additions to the resort. Dag mentioned a large grouped that had booked in over songkran and would be leaving the weekend of the 20th and we tentatively planned on me returning about the 17th or so to get some photos and video and wifi permitting to shoot a live broadcast. So that's the plan and here are some shots from inside the hangar. You can visit the website at if you want to see more.