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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rain and 3G and twitcasting in Khon Kaen, Thailand 07.04.12 0750

Okay for those of you who do not twitter and tweet let me tell you a bit about twicasting. You need a twitter account to do it, although it might be possible through facebook. You need a wifi or 3G connection. You need a computer or notebook, or netbook or tablet or pad or smartpone with video and you need the twitcasting application and start an account. You might have to tweek the settings, ask someone you know to watch your video, or you can go to twitcasting and check it out. You can later embed the videos in your blog or website. Larry set mine up at Isaan Live, since I dont have a clue. Twitcaster seems popular in Canada, Japan and Argentina for some reason. Your friends can get the twitcast alert application and be alerted of you broadcasts. You can go to the twitcasting website and look around. I am getting ready to broadcast live on songkran and you can sign up for alerts at isaan live. Sometimes, like now, it takes a while for the to process the clip for embedding. You can download the mp4 and put on youtube as I have done today.