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Saturday, April 21, 2012

OTOP Ban Phaeng, Mahasarakham

OTOP products are locals crafts that are produced throughout the country. The One Tambon One Province is practiced in many villages in Isaan producing everything from floor mats, to beautiful silk, to wine. The OTOP shops are scattered around some well signposted and others not. At these shops you will generally get the best possible price for the products on hand. I have been told, witnessed and seen online that many of the products on Isaan are bought up my resellers and sold at great profit. I have seen 4,000 baht pices of silk sold for up ti 20,000 baht and things as simple as a 120 baht floor mat sold for 500 baht online. If you are in Thailand and have the oppurtunity use it to find the places to buy the products of the region. Bronze bells and chimes in Ubon, silk in Kalasin and Khon Kaen, Mats and more in Mahasarakham. Help the people who do the work not the lazy buggers who buy it up and sell to dummies who pay too much.