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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On the Roads Beung Khan to Khon Kaen 10 April 2012 Northeast Thailand

While in The police statio before departing I asked about traffic and accidents. He told me that saturday and Sunday saw a big increase in traffica and accidents. About 6 kilometers out of So Phisai I got the first hit of water. It is a fact of life where there are areas in every country where it seems no one ever marries outside the family.  Traveling through Ban Dung in Udon is trying at the best of times and it was a rreal grind. thainewyear shopping means double parking, people stopping where ever they please made it about a 45 minute torture about twice the time as what should be a 10 minute trip. The down to Road 22, that links Udon and Sakon Nakhon. It was overloaded artics and people who in quite a hurry or when I cut down on my cursing would say "On the way to their parents wedding" Anyhow after a stop at the Happy Toilet it was off to Nong Han and onto the 2350  for just under 40k to Kumpawapi. Things were just plain miserable until about half hay when the water began in force. They seemed to concentrate on trucks with people in the back. These folks were not revelers, but family members on their way to or from shopping. Kumpawapi was a repeat of ban dung. Anyhow on to "Frindship Wihway to Nam Pong. Big trucks at 45k in the left lane being passed by vehicles at either 60 or 110 kph. So far on the trip 3 ambulances.Its good that Thai drivers do not get out of the way of ambulances, keep those buggers from going to fast.
Nam Pong into the outskirts of Khon Kaen the adventure continued. I was amazed at the amount of large tandem trucks on the road about 5x normal. Once at Sri Chant road it all went totally pear shaped, but I made it safe and sound.  If you dive in Thailand between now and the 18th rent a tank. Amen