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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Music returns to Menu Neua Restaurant in Khon Kaen

Beung Kaen Nakhon is a major food stop in Khon Kaen. From the overly expensive pretentious places for the young spending their parents money, to the yuppie restaurants where you go to show off the new BMW, to the suki, or Korea BBQ places, to the cozy neighborhood eateries, to the food stalls  there is something for everyone around the lake. This past year the floods, much of the problem caused by lack of urban planning around the lake, kept the diners away for many days if not weeks in a row sending, even some of the more established places into various degrees of economic woe. Since the floods business has not really returned to it's former highs, or anywhere near that. And songkran did little to boost the local earnings.
So it was good to see that a little light background music is trying to make a comeback at Menu Neua. Late Friday afternoons, as well as weekends are good times, as weekend lunches, often lasting 3, 4 or more hours reach a point when more than one person finds the need to accompany the local musician in song, and buying more food and drink to add to the enjoyment and the establishments income.
So here a a couple of last nights offerings from the local musician.