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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kalasin Town 3G. Its a Miracle in Northeast Thailand

Since the Internet arrived on a modem and a phone line some years ago in Northeast Thailand, Isaan it has always been a struggle to get a connect. Sure at home now we can get ADSL connections that satisfy many of us, but on the road it has been a different story. WIFI connections in the rgion are few and far between and many are private, password protected. AIS, and I have been a postpaid customer for more than 10 years now advertised 3G in Khon Kaen and other places in Isaan and has been a disappointment at most times, due to low bandwidth. it seems. Now I have been testing TRUE 3G where ever I travel and so far am amazed by the breadth of their service from the geographic center on Isaan, in Mahasarakham to the Kalasin 18 hole golf course in Yaang Talaat I have gotten a strong enough signal to twitcast live at 8 frames a second.. And yesterday morning the first live twitcast from the traffic circle in Kalasin.